Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Magical Book About Dolphins & Whales that Has the Potential to Change Your Life Too - Forever!

This book truly is extraordinary.

From the way it came about, to the way it was "managed," to the words that resulted on the page. It has been such a blessing to bring this forth. It has definitely been a divinely guided collaboration from long before it actually began.

Through our participation in another endeavor together, this group of dolphin and whale ambassadors, visionaries, communicators, and facilitators of transformation, had begun to bond and form a "pod."A pod is a group of dolphins.

The universe let me know in no uncertain terms that ...
I was to invite each of them to write a chapter.  As a specialist in team development, I had noticed the amazing way we were relating to one another and how quickly we bonded (what I call "gelled") as a group.

I asked each of those who said yes to answer 4 questions: 1) What was your first encounter with a dolphin or whale, 2) How did that change your life, 3) What do you do now related to dolphins or whales, 4) How does that help other people and their lives?

Every person in the collaboration had a dolphin or whale encounter - real or through meditation / dreaming - that literally changed their life forever. For most of them, it literally changed the course of the rest of their lives.

After my spontaneous (and completely unexpected) encounter with dolphins in meditation one day, I soon left the comfort and security of a high paying industrial engineering management position in the pharmaceutical industry to head to an island and co-found a non-profit for dolphins and whales. Many of the others had similar stories to tell.

Their connection with the dolphins and whales had helped them find the courage to follow their heart. And they had each managed to take that leap - however graceful or ungraceful it might have been at first.

Many communicate with the dolphins and whales telempathically (a phenomena  Joan Ocean so eloquently explains in her previous books and her chapter in this one).

They have each gone through "dolphin school" and have been doing their best to live the principles ever since. Every person I've ever met who was truly called by the dolphins ends up having to learn a series of things: to treat all life as sacred, to be fully immersed in the present moment, to forgive, to have compassion for others, to flow with life - not against it, to listen with the heart, to take inspired action, to let go of expectations, to love without conditions, etc. 

This book is full of truly inspiring stores that restore hope and help mend broken hearts and lives.

I feel so extraordinarily blessed to have been handed this opportunity and responsibility as the project's leader. Every step of the way I had to "tune in" and listen for the right course of action.

This book easily hit #1 on the bestseller list when it was launched. Part of that is because I had previously single-handedly launched a bestseller and knew how. The rest, I'm convinced, was entirely because the Universe wanted this book out there.

With joy and gratitude,



  1. Congratulations!! Are you going to blog a complete book report?

  2. Congrats on the book hitting #1! That is wonderful! I love what you wrote: "This book is full of truly inspiring stores that restore hope and help mend broken hearts and lives." Absolutely beautiful! ♥

  3. What an inspiring journey to creating a book ! Sounds like a great book to read and such amazing participation from many. Best wishes!

  4. It is wonderful how you love those animals Takara, and you can pass to others this feeling very well. I'm sure that learning how to deal with life through them is a fantastic experience. I think the human being learn a lot about compassion with the animals.

  5. This is Pat Moon (commenting as Anonymous). I am not an ocean person but ranch girl. Animals provide an amazing amount of comfort and hope. They are an important part of God's creation.