Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Dolphins vs. Taiji Killers - 2 for 2 this season

I think this means we are 2 for 2.

Two days of dolphin hunters from Taiji, Japan going out to herd dolphins in for the slaughter and 2 blue cove days- meaning no blood was spilled. 

I know there are lots of people who are into football and other sports where they root for this team or that team, wear the clothes with the team colors, do the pre-game and other parties, spend lots of money to go to the games, and for them the sport is a really big deal.

The game result brings them great joy or great upset.

They really care about who wins.

To me ... this "score" is a MUCH bigger deal. Its not a fun sport designed to entertain. It's about death of magnificent creatures. The usual death toll each year is 20,000.

It's time to stop this madness!

Send out your love, light, and prayers to continue having Blue Cove Days!

To join with others this fall equinox in sending healing love and light to the oceans, the dolphins, and the whales, visit this link: http://bit.ly/DolphinMeditation


  1. Well said Takara! And in the Faroe Islands killing season which is also going on at this time, tragically, the score is 0 for the whales, and 38 for the proud Faroe whale killers who've turned the water red with the blood of slaughtered whales last week. Let's hope the Taiji Cove stays blue this season, every day.

    1. I totally agree Teresa. Let's hope the cove stays blue all season long. So far there are 13 days of Blue Cove. Thanks for your tireless efforts to help the dolphins and whales.

  2. What do they do with the dolphins after they hunt and kill them? That is what is important to me.

    1. They are culling out a small number to sell to dolphinariums where they will be captive circus animals for the rest of their lives. The ones murdered are made available as food. These articles describing things in more detail: http://www.seashepherd.org/cove-guardians/ http://www.ryot.org/10-facts-didnt-know-taiji-dolphin-slaughter/545753 http://www.opsociety.org/issues/dolphin-slaughter-in-taiji