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Responsibilities of a Dolphin Ambassador and Those Called by the Dolphins and Whales

Those who have been called by the dolphins and whales know what a huge impact they can have on a person's life. It is a great honor and blessing bestowed on very few.

And ... if that call is responded to and one pledges to be an emissary or ambassador for dolphins and whales, sharing their energy and messages to the world, it also comes with a great deal of responsibility.

It is not enough to communicate with them and share their messages of hope and understanding for humanity. It also means looking at their situation and environment and advocating for their protection and wellbeing.

Captivity kills ... period.

Cetaceans are extremely social creatures. Orcas, in particular, live in a matriarchal society where they stay with their mother their entire lives.

One day some day, I have no idea when, someone somewhere said that the dolphins and other cetaceans in captivity have chosen to be there. So those who don't want to become empathetic with the pain of captivity simply say, "they chose it" and they move on. I understand the behavior. Its human nature to avoid pain.

Most people refuse to even consider the situation, digging deeper into the actual circumstances, the actual reality of captivity, how captivity happens, how the animals are treated, and how they must feel about it. They simply are not willing to go into their darkness in order to find the light.

If you've ever watched a capture scene, heard the screams of the cetaceans being captured and the screams of their mothers and others they are separated from, you could never again go to a dolphinarium and every image of a cetacean in captivity would bring tears to your eyes.

But they chose it.


So if a group of gunmen busted into your home, kidnapped your 5 or 6 year old son or daughter, and slaughtered most of your family, you would just say, "they chose it" and move on.

I think not!

That is the reality of captivity.

That is EXACTLY how Lolita (Tokitae) and many other orcas were kidnapped and enslaved. I've seen video of the capture in Penn Cove near Seattle. They set off explosions in the water, scaring and herding the animals. I've heard the people who took part in the capture tell the story of what happened. John Crowe still, after all these years, can't tell the story without crying. Visit this link for a short recap of that event:

Right now ... in Taiji, Japan ... every single day a group of boats goes out to herd entire pods of dolphins. They cull out the ones they can sell and slaughter all the rest.

There are those who say the ones in captivity can't go back to the wild. Yet here is an example of one who did:

Those who have worked with them in captivity and now only choose to visit them in the wild feel a deep calling from within to create a place where they can be retrained to wild, where they can be in a sea pen with "real" ocean water for awhile, where they can unlearn their behaviors in captivity and relearn to fish and care for themselves, eventually ultimately being set free and hopefully rejoining their family pod.

It is a noble calling. It is a HUGE undertaking. I certainly don't have the skill set necessary for such things. But I can tell others about it.

Orcas in Captivity-Infographic
Infographic from

When you are called by the dolphins and agree to be an Ambassador, the "job" involves both sharing their wisdom and energy ... AND being an advocate for their freedom and wellbeing. They are two sides of the same coin.

Being an Ambassador is a big deal. It is a great honor. It is a huge responsibility. And you either are or you are not.

I don't make this next statement lightly. I would rather die than condone activity that harms and enslaves cetaceans.

The spiritual path is not all oms, lavender oil and rainbows. It requires digging very very deep within yourself and looking at every single distortion, fear, illusion, judgment, etc. that you have. How you treat others is how you treat yourself. If you condone, by participating with captivity or aligning yourself with those who are pro-captive, you are choosing to ignore the suffering of others.

I choose to STAND on the side of the cetaceans and be the Ambassador they called me to be.

Will you take a stand for the wellbeing of dolphins and whales?

If you feel you have been called by the dolphins or whales to be an Ambassador, feel free to right click and save the Dolphin Ambassador image to your computer. Share it proudly as a STAND for the cetaceans.

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