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About the Book: In this extraordinarily touching and heart-felt book, nineteen cetacean ambassadors, visionaries, communicators, and facilitators of transformation share their personal stories of dolphin and whale encounters that changed their lives forever. The unique connection they each share with cetaceans has become their personal doorway to transformation, higher wisdom, and the ability to facilitate physical and emotional healing within themselves and others.

Let yourself be transported into the very depths of your soul as you journey along with the storytellers into the mystical, magical realm of higher consciousness that is the home (and playground) of the dolphins and whales. 

"This book takes us on a journey through the experiences of many people who have been profoundly moved by their connection with dolphins and whales. The universality of the experience of cetaceans’ palpable and vast spiritual awareness and wisdom, tremendous benevolence, and loving compassion toward humans and all life breathes in each story. Be inspired to dwell in the plane of divine self awareness and expanded perception engendered by this contact." Penelope Smith, Founding Animal Communication Specialist, author of Animal Talk, When Animals Speak, and Animals in Spirit, 

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Contributing Authors Include (Listed Alphabetically):
  • Nina Brown, 
  • Grandma Chandra,
  • Celeste Eaton, 
  • Mary J. Getten, 
  • Roberta Goodman, 
  • Sierra Goodman, 
  • Anne Gordon de Barrigon, 
  • Cyndie Lepori, 
  • Megan Leupold,
  • Joebaby Noonan, 
  • Joan Ocean, 
  • Frederique Pichard,
  • Trish Regan & Doug Hackett, 
  • Laurie Reyon & Master Cat Puddah, 
  • Linda Shay, 
  • Debbie Takara Shelor,
  • Teresa Wagner, and
  • Madeleine Walker 


"All I can say is that it made my heart soar, I felt very uplifted, and ... I just do very strongly recommend it if you have any leaning to communication with other species, to their being guides for us and if you have any openness to being touched by ‘external’ communications." - Osho News

"Dolphins & Whales Forever is a delightful, exciting and expansive book that brings the cetacean consciousness into your heart and being. It is impossible to read this book without feeling the joy, wonder, love and humility of 'being connected.' and in love with the Dolphins & Whales. Each chapter sings a unique and enchanting tone, and together this book creates a harmony that holds the sound of healing, hope and inspiration. Thank you, Thank you Thank you!"
Flora LaRayne ~ Visionary Intuitive, Sound Healer, Angel Messenger

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If you have ever felt a desire to know more about Cetaceans, this book will Inspire and Expand your Heart, Mind and Soul! The Amazing stores of intimate encounters with these Amazing Beings that share Planet Earth with us and how we can join in their mission and purpose to help Humans Evolve, Connect and Transform confirm there is much more here than a simple animal. I Love the soulful stories of changing Lives and Transformation and how they activate the greater purpose in my own life. Such a Blessing! Thank you!" ~ Diane Brewer

"The Whole book is truly guided and full of LOVE for ALL!! I knew about it for awhile and was very anxious to read it. No other book has had such an impact on me. It truly has blown my mind wide open to new possibilities. When reading the conclusion the word brilliant summed it up for me." ~ Linda Jean Hess

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